Major Works

St Margaret Mary’s Parish

In 1995 Michael and Elizabeth completed “The Holy Story” series, putting a modern twist on church glass art. Elizabeth designed and painted all 21 windows, whilst Micheal crafted this series and its surround 63 windows which illuminate and create warmth in the tiny church of St Margaret Mary’s in Spotswood.

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St Margaret Mary’s -Mary Mackillop


St Margaret Mary’s -Mary Mackillop window was installed 20th Feb 2010. This window was designed by Sr. Therese Quinn, drawn to specification by Elizabeth Vassallo, painted by Enes Bowen and was built and completed by Michael. Made to celebrate Mary Mackillop this window also holds significance as it was made in memory of Inez & Anthony Cassar as well as Romilda & Anthony Vassallo, Elizabeth and Michaels parents.

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St Leo’s Church




Installed in 1995 these 11 panels captured the words of John 13: 34-35 ‘As I have loved you, so you just love one another.’ As the light rises from this piece it is truly a speculator site to see with its many shades of blue and golds depicting the suns setting and rising. Elizabeth and Michael designed and constructed this commission measuring a whopping 11 meters in length and 1 meter in height. The window still exists in the old church, now the Church hall of St Leo’s parish Altona.


Melton Baptist Church


This panel entitled ‘doors of opportunity’ was gifted to the Church in 2003 to be displayed along side the stage of the church. Painting this piece took several months and was a 12month project completed by Enes Bowen as an apprentice at Holmsglenn Institute. It was her final exam piece and was supervised by Michael and Liz Colman.