Ageless is still selling supplies, please ring to arrange delivery/pickup and payment.

Various other supplies available including a large selection of glass. Please contact us with your enquiries. Delivery available, postage fee is additional. Standard stock available includes but is not limited to;

AQUASAF5001-150x150$18.00 Solder 60.40 250gm

toolsleadcutters-150x150$32.50 Lead Knife

31KnMhfFqZL $6.50 Horse shoe nails 20pk

4717439$6.00 Wire Brush


Metal_Running_Pliers_Glass_Choice_large $35.00 Metal Running Pliers


CH_BGP_b  $22.50 Grozer Pliers


99da413f947d0d4beb486ae9637fa51685d03a3f $60.00 Toyo Oil Glass Cutter


Ask us about gift vouchers available to surprise a loved one with a gift.