Polish and Repair

Things continue to be tricky as we navigate COVID restrictions and working in the studio. This small repair looks quite the contrasting now as we see the before and after image. When a panel still has sturdy lead we are able to replace broken glass and give this old beauty as polish and bring back the original shine. Much thanks to our client for trusting us with this repair.

Lighting Up Lockdown

This side light was a delight to work on. Custom drawn and made this panel, measuring 2020mm x 630mm, was made to in our studio and as you can see from the photo this was a larger than usual sidelight panel. This piece adds a touch of colour to it surrounds and was designed in consultation with our client. Its unique shell like flower surround was a specific request, Elizabeth our designer was more than happy to work towards this design.

Due to lockdowns our consultation process was done via FaceTime. Our client gave us their trust as we would normally consult in the studio, consulting via FaceTime was bit of a challenge, but we got there in the end.

Creating a new build such as this requires much consultation and planning. This sidelight was made with three reinforcing bars so it will be self supported and will stand tall lighting the space for many years to come. Much thanks to our client for inviting us into your space and choosing us to create this Ageless design.

“The eyes are the windows to your Home”

It is a big decision to invest in house restorations, but seeing the results can be very satisfying. Restoring old properties often goes hand in hand with Leadlight restorations too. Much thanks to our client for this picture below of the four restored sash windows we were lucky to be part of. As is said the eyes are the window to the soul, so too are the windows of our homes.

This before and after picture below shows the transformation, and the end results of a restoration. Antique leadlights have beautiful glass, unfortunately after years of wear the lead needs replacing.

Replacing lead is not the only step in restoration. First the glass needs to be cleaned, a new pattern drawn and glass to be replaced is cut out before construction.

Once we have the panel re leaded, a final putty and polish finishes the job.

Much thanks to out clients for trusting us to bring these panels back to life.

“Flower Power”

This powerful duet ‘Flower Power’, affectionately named by my 5 year old daughter, is bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Made to match existing leadlights in our clients home, this set completes the highlight windows in the main living space of this home. As is a challenge in restoring old leadlights, so is making panels to match an exisiting design. Spending time with our client we sorted though samples to match the colours and shades so these flowers could nestle in nicely into their new home.

We look forward to seeing them installed and will update pictures very soon.

Classic Window Box

Dispute the difficult past 18 months, with all of our classes in the studio stopped due to Covid, we have been very grateful of the many commission coming into the workshop. One of which was this lovely classic window box, these sash windows add charm and character to the view. This windows were restored to match the original design so to keep with the historical features if this home. Even in the midst of troubles, a good leadlight can put a smile on your face. Well at least it does for us here at Ageless 🙂

Before and After

There are many steps to restoring old panels. To see good results, first we need to dis- assemble and clean the glass and colour match where possible. This porthole was completely re-leaded and then soldered. The final polish makes all the difference and as you can see from the picture is was worth all the work. It was our final installation for 2020. Many more to come in the weeks ahead.

Bright new design

Although most of Ageless’ commission are restorations, we still are lucky enough to have the fun of creating new work for clients homes. We have been very happy to receive much work in 2020, installed last last year this is a bright new design with classic colours found its new home with great results.

A Splash of Sunlight

Creating a new design in consultation with our clients is always a pleasure, this window was no exception. With a splash of colour and texture this little gem brings light to the corner of this home. Such a nice design Michael could not resist being in the photo. Thanks Helen for the photo and the great review.

Thank you so much for my fabulous window. I am so happy with the way we worked together with my design It is exactly the way I wanted it to be. Helen

Deciding on a Door way


This door way has been on quite a journey, as you can see from the image there had been some indecision as to the direction this door surround might take. Ageless were commissioned to create three panels to match the existing sidelight.  This involved drawing up new panels, matching glass and creating work to fit the space. It was a satisfying to work through the journey of this entry way and see it completed.

Karen Footscray




A lovely little Bell

We have been very grateful to receive so many commissions over the past few months. This door panel was made to complete the existing set in our clients entryway. One of the challenges in creating windows to match existing panels is matching colours to blend in with the old design. Here it is installed and ready to be enjoyed for years to come.