A Family Affair

It was a delight and a joy when we received the commission of this charming Kookaburra. Unlike many pieces this door panel now at home with its new family was chosen and agreed upon by all family members. It was great to see kids getting involved in the creative process and giving input into the design of their new window. We look forward to seeing a picture of it installed and hope it is much loved for many years.

Timeless Beauty

Two Art Deco panels restored and returned home. What a delight to see pictures form a our client happy to have this bay window set back and restored to its former glory. Throughout Melbourne there as so many timeless pieces like these that have many years of beauty left in them.



The Heart of Restoration

This project was restored as a twin pair and took many weeks of thoughtful design to incorporate the essence of the original panels.  Often when we restore a project much heart, love and sentiment is attached to the work, so being sensitive to this we have achieved and maintained the heart and beauty of the piece, whilst creating structural changes to ensure the strength of these panels endure.

30 Years of Teaching at Ageless

Pablo Picasso once said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Although many people may not look at a stained glass window and immediately think art, this glasswork is a art form. Over the years this creative practise has been somewhat of a therapy to us and to our students. So thank you to all our students who have been in our studio over the past 30 years.

It is hard to believe that 2018, marks Micheal’s 30th Year Teaching, thats a lot of therapy Mick,  and all sighs point to another 30 years, as students continue to come and share his passion and learn an age old craft. As well as Leadlight, our studio offers copper foil, fusing and glass mosaic classes. This blog features some of our students at work and some of their beautiful projects completed.

Micheal seen below in his favourite room (the putty room) lol, has a passion and a first love of Leadlight projects. Throughout the years he has helped many students complete wonderful projects for their homes. In recent years Enes has rejoined the team and now runs a mosaic and copper foil class on Wednesday nights.

Happy Anniversary Ageless, we looking forward to seeing many more creative projects and enjoying the company of our students.

For more information see our classes page, or to see more of our students work see Facebook or Instagram.


A New Lease of Life

When it comes to restorations we has see it all at Ageless. From rebuilds, to re-leads we see all types of panel in varied conditions. Six matching art deco windows arrived at our studio and it took no time for Mick to work his magic, repairing and polishing these panels to their former glory. This simple and elegant design with beautiful hints of texture now sporting a new lease of life.

Restoring a little Gem!

Restoring old pieces is always a joy, especially when we see a little gem like this cabinet door panel. Featuring antique hammered glass this project is not only filled with sentimental charm for it owner, but a rare beauty which deserved the care of restoration. Often in old furniture we find these jewels and is was defiantly a pleasure to bring it back to life.

Art Deco Delight


This ArtDeco panel came into the studio very brittle yet screaming to be brought back to life. It really was a joy to work on, salvaging the antique glass and matching with current glass in production, giving it new life once again. As you can see the old design was altered slightly to allow for reinforced lead to be incorporated in the design. Such a lovely panel showing us once again that beautiful glass design is ageless.