St Leo’s Church Altona


Installed in 1995 these 11 panels captured the words of John 13: 34-35 ‘As I have loved you, so you just love one another.’ As the light rises from this piece it is truly a speculator site to see with its many shades of blue and golds depicting the suns setting and rising. Elizabeth and Michael designed and constructed this commission measuring a whopping 11 meters in length and 1 meter in height. The window still exists in the old church, now the Church hall of St Leo’s parish Altona.

St Margaret Mary’s – Mary MacKillop Window

St Margaret Mary’s -Mary Mackillop window was installed 20th Feb 2010. This window was designed by Sr. Therese Quinn, drawn to specification by Elizabeth Vassallo, painted by Enes Bowen and was built and completed by Michael. Made to celebrate Mary Mackillop this window also holds significance as it was made in memory of Inez & Anthony Cassar as well as Romilda & Anthony Vassallo, Elizabeth and Michaels parents.

Spades of Charm

20190124_095010.jpgThis pretty little panel came in just before Christmas, it had spades of charm, but just needed a little love and repair. With a floating lead look in its feature, what a delight to mimic the original 1920s design and add once again the special little twist this panel holds in its spade design.

The original coloured glass was salvaged and all new clear glass was cut and leaded to refresh and bring this little gem back to life. Another job enjoyed by the Ageless team.


Preserving the 1930s

This rather impressive art deco door panel arrived at Ageless to be repaired and restored. Mostly in tact, it only had a few broken pieces, however as part of it restoration we added three reinforcing leads to ensure it continues to delight for many years to come.  Measuring at 1200mm x 600mm it was quite the project, with its stunning textures and classic 1930s design it was admired by all of our student for many weeks as it slowly came back to life. It was a pleasure to restore and preserve a peice of Victorias lead light history.

Caught in the ‘Nick of Time’

Receiving this early Federation design was a sheer delight. It is very rare that we receive a 1920 style door panel with no broken glass pieces.  Although this panel had brittle lead, all the original antique glass has been re-leaded. I’d a great pleasure to have restored this little gem just in the nick of time.

Ready to fly again

These sweet little bird panels came into our workshop and were a joy to restore. They spent many weeks on our workshop benches, admired by all our students. This truly inspired design was worth all the efforts restoring with its very interesting birds and classic lines. We look forward to seeing these little birds fly again and pictures of them installed.


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FAQs Lead Light Repairs

At Ageless we often receive many questions regarding lead light repairs. So here is a blog post addressing a few of our most often asked questions.

How extensive does my repair need to be? 

Depending on the condition of the lead in your panel, we may only need to replace the broken glass. However if your lead has become brittle and no longer supports the panel you will require a re-lead. We will pull apart your panel, clean and salvage the glass and replace the lead. In some cases we may even add extra reinforcing to your design to ensure the longevity of your panel.

Why do we sometimes recommend building a new panel and not salvage existing glass?

In some cases clients have existing panels which are broken, but have cement putty. Cement putty, as its name describes, a very hard putty used which for all intensive purposes makes a panel strong. However unlike traditional linseed putty, when used to seal windows cement putty makes a panel very difficult to repair as glass is often broken when trying to disassemble and repair a window. If your job is assessed and has cement putty we will often suggest a replica of your panel be made or your may choose a new design. At Ageless we only used traditional putty to ensure windows for future generations are easier to repair if needed.

What involved in a repair?

If your panel is assessed and you simply have a break, yet your lead is in good condition we will create an entry point in your leadlight and replace the broken glass. This involves cutting lead in strategic places, replacing broken glass, soldering, putting and polishing your panel.

What is involved in a restoration? 

A restoration is much more extensive than a repair. Restoration is required when the lead has become brittle and their are possibly many broken pieces. Panels to be restored first require as to take in impression and draw the existing pattern as a template for your new panel. Salvaged glass is then soaked to be cleaned and broken pieces are cut in new glass. In some circumstances a panel may be so old that glass in no longer in production, if we have matching antique glass we will provide this to match otherwise with consultation with the client we will endeavour to match or make some variance so the restored panel is well balanced. When the existing glass is cleaned the panel is assembled, soldered, puttied and polished.

What happens to my door or window whilst my panel is repaired?  

Our prefered glazier will come and take your panel and cover the window or door with board.

This diamond panel had oxidisation and brittle lead, is is one of our recent restorations. As a result it is now much stronger and will be back in circulation for many more years to come.

A Family Affair

It was a delight and a joy when we received the commission of this charming Kookaburra. Unlike many pieces this door panel now at home with its new family was chosen and agreed upon by all family members. It was great to see kids getting involved in the creative process and giving input into the design of their new window. We look forward to seeing a picture of it installed and hope it is much loved for many years.

Timeless Beauty

Two Art Deco panels restored and returned home. What a delight to see pictures form a our client happy to have this bay window set back and restored to its former glory. Throughout Melbourne there as so many timeless pieces like these that have many years of beauty left in them.