Replacing Brittle Lead

This little gem came to us in good condition, all the glass was in order however the lead was very tired and brittle. Michael re-leaded this piece, it was then puttied and polished. This family piece, made by our clients father, will now be cherished for many years to come.

Good as New

Many older homes in need of restoration are also home to leadlight panels in need of love and repair. As you can see from these before an after pictures, restoring these broken sash windows has brought them back to life and they are as good as new. If you are lucky enough to be part of a home restoration you will know the satisfaction of seeing each piece restored to its original glory.

Keeping the 1930s alive

Crystal cabinet doors can often become brittle over time and loose their sparkle, this panel was in fairly good condition but needed a revamp. Once replied this piece was puttied and curved as it air dried to fit this 1930s designed cabinet. Elegant pieces such as these never go out of style.

A Doorways Delight

This simple door panel has been restored and given a new lease of life. Its simple colour pallet together with antique flemish finish, the value of saving this panel is clear. As you can see from the images the glass was in good condition, however the lead needed replacing. This panel will now light its home for many years to come and delight all who visit it home.







IMG_1652 2


A Stunning Window for years to come!

This panel came into the studio in 2 pieces, it had seen better days. Although the glass make have been dirty and the lead in need of replacing this panel was stunning. With its antique glass and unique design it was a delight to see it rebirth as the process of restoration took place. To restore this panel it was soaked, disassembled, cleaned, re-leaded, puttied and polished. The picture speaks for itself, this truly was and will be a stunning window for years to come.

Mosaic Restoration

Over eight years ago this mosaic piece was created for my client in the palliative care unit at the Austin hospital. Sadly it was in need of some love and repair and it original artist was unable to restore her work. As part of this restoration the mosaic was cleaned, broken pieces where replaced, grout restored and finally resealed. It was a joy to be able to bring new life to this mosaic and restore a treasured memory in the process.

Fix a Sash in a flash

One of our very talented students is in the grips of home restoration. At times its lovely to take your time completing windows in one of our many classes, but these sashes needed to be repaired quickly. This set of sash windows were, a re-leaded, puttied, polished and are now ready to bring much needed light to accompany the restoration in there new home.

Strong and Beautiful

Door panels are often damaged, brittle and in need of repair. This panel required reinforcing lead to be incorporated into the repair. Older panels often have some form of reinforcing, however we now has access to visually seem less reinforcing lead which can be incorporated into designs. Door panels need to be strong enough to endure constant movement and the impact of the door opening and closing. Nestled back in-between the original side panels this door will now last for many years to come.

Brilliant Bevels

Often in our homes we have little accidents, it unfortunate when a set of windows is suddenly broken. An otherwise seemingly simple repair became complicated when it come to replacing glass no longer in production. However with a little time and a few calls we were about to replace the organelle glass to match and restore this piece to its former glory.