“The eyes are the windows to your Home”

It is a big decision to invest in house restorations, but seeing the results can be very satisfying. Restoring old properties often goes hand in hand with Leadlight restorations too. Much thanks to our client for this picture below of the four restored sash windows we were lucky to be part of. As is said the eyes are the window to the soul, so too are the windows of our homes.

This before and after picture below shows the transformation, and the end results of a restoration. Antique leadlights have beautiful glass, unfortunately after years of wear the lead needs replacing.

Replacing lead is not the only step in restoration. First the glass needs to be cleaned, a new pattern drawn and glass to be replaced is cut out before construction.

Once we have the panel re leaded, a final putty and polish finishes the job.

Much thanks to out clients for trusting us to bring these panels back to life.

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