Lighting Up Lockdown

This side light was a delight to work on. Custom drawn and made this panel, measuring 2020mm x 630mm, was made to in our studio and as you can see from the photo this was a larger than usual sidelight panel. This piece adds a touch of colour to it surrounds and was designed in consultation with our client. Its unique shell like flower surround was a specific request, Elizabeth our designer was more than happy to work towards this design.

Due to lockdowns our consultation process was done via FaceTime. Our client gave us their trust as we would normally consult in the studio, consulting via FaceTime was bit of a challenge, but we got there in the end.

Creating a new build such as this requires much consultation and planning. This sidelight was made with three reinforcing bars so it will be self supported and will stand tall lighting the space for many years to come. Much thanks to our client for inviting us into your space and choosing us to create this Ageless design.

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