Art Deco Delight


This ArtDeco panel came into the studio very brittle yet screaming to be brought back to life. It really was a joy to work on, salvaging the antique glass and matching with current glass in production, giving it new life once again. As you can see the old design was altered slightly to allow for reinforced lead to be incorporated in the design. Such a lovely panel showing us once again that beautiful glass design is ageless.

St Margaret Mary’s Parish

A blast from Ageless’ Past…….

In 1995 Michael and Elizabeth completed “The Holy Story” series, putting a modern twist on church glass art. Elizabeth designed and painted all 21 windows, whilst Micheal crafted this series and its surround 63 windows which illuminate and create warmth in the tiny church of St Margaret Mary’s in Spotswood.

The Sisters

IMG_9093“The Sisters” was a copper foil piece inspired by a client wishing to gift a friend the symbol of the lasting bonds of sisterhood in both the joy and the sometimes difficult journey of life. Each sister was carefully crafted to represent the life and love which intertwined, connected and surround the middle sister knowing they are always present along the way.