Back home and good as New

Over the last few months we have had an unexpected amount of repairs in the studio. Here is a finished repair from the past week. It is a great example of how different a panel can look on the table compared to finished in a window. The light captures the glass and brings the panel to life. Delighted to see this door panel back home and good as new.

The Stages of Restoration

There are many stages in restoring leadlight panels. First we take the old panel apart removing the lead, following that we draw up the original design. Then begin the process of cutting new pieces and salvaging the old. Once all the pieces are ready we put together the gig-saw puzzle by leading and soldering the panel together. Finally we putty and polish the panel good as new and ready for installation. Leadlight is a hand crafted art, and at Ageless we take pride in our work.

Door Restoration

Quite often door panels will start to deteriorate whilst the rest of the door surround is in good condition. The challenge with a door repair like this is to find matching glass which will fit in with the original design.  This door panel was fully restored, and glass was found to match as close as possible to the surround. Door panels often need repair or restoration to cope with constant movement. Spring steal reinforcing was added to the panel to to ensure it remains strong for years to come.


Ship Wreck

This old girl came in for repairs, in need of a full restoration. In the studio it was re-leaded, glass was sourced to match broken pieces, finally it was puttied and polished, it certainly is shining now. Much thanks to David who worked on this project with us to bring it back to life again. No longer a ship wreck, it is now ready to sail again.

Sash Highlights

These twelve windows may have been small, but they do big things to these sash windows. As you can see from the pictures this classic home is in the process of restoration, and its new window highlights are now right at home and will be for many years to come. One of the things we love to see at Ageless is people restoring beautiful homes and capturing our great Victorian architectural history.


Restored Roses

These door panels were in need of repair. Internal doors can have quite a lovely effect on the warmth and feel of a home. These panels were no exception, now back and repaired they make a great entrance again to this kitchen and hallway.

Warm an Bright

Wow, what a difference, such warmth  added to this entry way with just a splash of colour. At Ageless we love a great restoration challenge, but we also really enjoy creating new works for clients whom have decided to commission a new leadlight for their home.

“Michael and Keith have been brilliant to deal with. We’re thrilled with the result. The design and workmanship has exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended.”

Live to dance another day

What a great please to repair this stained glass and copper foil mirror for our client. This mirror was lovingly made by a grandmother for her grandchildren. It has been cherished for many years and now being passed onto the youngest grandchild with a small repair it will live on for many more years.